An After School Activity Program

The Sew STEAM after school activity program teaches students how to integrate STEAM knowledge and SEWING skills to design and create FUN projects using textiles. Students will learn to apply an element of design and engineering to their sewing projects, while building on their math and science knowledge in a creative environment.

Students begin with the basics and advance to more complex sewing tasks, from threading a sewing machine, to sewing curves, and using commercial patterns. Projects include accessories, home decor, garments and more! All projects involve an element of design and may be customized by the student. This approach fosters creativity, promotes problem-solving skills and instills self-confidence.

We provide full-size sewing machines, sewing tools and beautiful fabric. Students receive fun and insightful Sew STEAM handouts each week.

An example of objectives covered under the program include:
• Science: Experiment with fiber types and understand their use.
• Technology: Identify the tools and equipment used in sewing.
• Engineering: Use darts and gathers to add shape to a garment.
• Art: Apply knowledge of color relationships when designing a project.
• Math: Consider seam allowance and calculate fabric requirements.

Sew STEAM is offered to Elementary and Middle School students. Boys are welcome too! The multi-level program meets on a weekly basis. Each level represents an 8-week curriculum. After completion, students may advance to the next level where they will learn new sewing skills and complete more advanced projects.

Sew STEAM is offered in the greater Little Rock area. The program is tailored to your school calendar and dismissal time. Contact us if you would like Sew STEAM to be offered at your school!